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PHOTOS: See Primary four questions Kaduna teachers could not answer

PHOTOS: See Primary four questions Kaduna teachers could not answer

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai

About two third of primary school teachers in Kaduna State failed to score up to 75 per cent when asked to write examinations meant for primary four students.

This was disclosed by the governor of the state, Nasir El-Rufai on Monday while receiving a World Bank delegation in his office.

“We tested our 33,000 primary school teachers, we gave them primary four exams and required they must get at least 75 per cent but I’m sad to announce that 66 per cent of them failed to get the requirements,” he said.

“The hiring of teachers in the past was politicized and we intend to change that by bringing in young and qualified primary school teachers to restore the dignity of education in the state,” the governor said.

The governor stated that his administration would disengage about 20,000 unqualified primary school teachers to restore confidence in public schools.

Mr. El-Rufai said the state will employ 25,000 primary school teachers as parts of efforts to restore dignity and quality to its education sector.

He said this would also entrench equity in the distribution of teachers across the state.

He explained that recruiting teachers had become necessary due to the acute shortage of qualified primary school teachers in the state.

He stressed that teachers would be redeployed across the state to balance the issue of teacher-pupil ratio.

“We have a challenge with the teacher-pupil ratio in the urban schools; there is concentration of teachers that are not needed.

“In some LGAs, it’s a teacher pupil ratio of 1-9 while in some places it’s 1-100,” he said.

See pictures below:



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  • Although, the questions are not so difficult, but they are definately not a primary four (4) questions…..

    • They are definitely not a primary 4 examination questions, except 3 or 4. However, primary school teachers should know most of these answers. Anyway, Nigeria educational system is in coma

  • As a proudly literate intellectual, I must say it is quite unfortunate that a majority percentage of teachers who should consistently research, study and be up to date in current affairs failed this – most of the questions above you solve by constantly undergoing self education and development and not even within the four walls of a University or Teachers training institute.

    Having said that, I must also state that majority of the questions here are definitely not for primary 4 kids, exposing primary 4 kids to questions of such complex nature is not even obtainable in the west. Junior Secondary School 3 adolescent would struggle with what is pictured above which is very understandable.

    El rufai lives true to type, a mischievous liar out to impress his World Bank creditors at the expense of his employees.

  • This is murder. How you expect Elementary Four kinds to answer these questions? Imam ibn el-Rufai, find another reason to lay off 20,000 off your teachers not for this bogus exam. Don’t embezzles their salaries and tell them that they failed exam. This is ungodly.

    • This is murder in the cathedral. How do you expect Elementary Four kinds to answer these
      questions? Imam ibn el-Rufai, find another reason to lay off 20,000 of
      your teachers not for this bogus exam. Don’t embezzles their salaries
      and tell them that they failed exam, it is ungodly.

      • did you go to school in nigeria? haven’t you answered these types of question in primary 3?

        • There are many ambassadors from the North who cannot answer 20% of the test, are those ambassadors not still drawing their fat salaries plus kickbacks? Why lay off the teachers instead of giving them good staff development?

  • No wonder demented Buhari could not produce his certificates

  • This is the very reason why, generally speaking, teachers have been opposing every attempt made so far, across many states, to have them write competence test.

    • What good does it do for kids to know the names of Buhari’s chief cook, Sanusi’s favorite concubine, el-Rufai’s oldest mother-in-law, or Tambuwal’s chief driver? Teach kids relevant subjects according to their chronological cognition. Teachers should not take bashing from failing federal and stage governments.

      • Attempts had been made, as I said, at having teachers write competence test in their very area of expertise. Why should a teacher that prepares students for WAEC mathematics afraid of writing secondary school standard mathematics competence test? Why should a teacher not be comfortable at being tested in the very subject he or she teaches? I am not talking about testing them in what doesn’t concern them.

  • this rufai nonsense, if thinks if he run for president, nigerians will vote for him. he is out of his mind. there are better nigerians with better qualifications than him, many. no one will vote for this man.

    • premiumtimes is lying, even primary one pupils can answer this.

  • It is the same with their leaders. It is what you get from quota system and nepotism. All they want is government appointments, oil and cash. That’s why they are afraid of restructuring.

  • Before God and Man, these are not primary 4 questions in Nigeria. They should be treated as teachers exams, that’s was the setup.

    • these are basic question for primary school student, if they cannot answer these questions then they have nothing to teach, so they cannot answer nigerian symbol, common illness in the community, using altogether which is addition.

    • Indeed, with the exception of one or two questions, the questions generally not for primary school. In my opinion, this would be about secondary 2 (JSS 2) questions. That said, it is still disappointing that more thatn 2/3 of the teachers did not get up to 75% on the test.

  • First of all this is a region whose religion preaches that Western education is forbidden. Now, go to Borno state and see whether any teacher or pupil can answer 2 of these questions right. Sorry folks, as you make your bed so shall you lie in it.

    • Millions of those people have brain than u are far more educated than you.Stop flattering yourself!

    • olofo…ur mama peace na example of half baked education.

  • Someone should please ask Mr governor to sing national anthem and recite the national pledge, let’s see if the governor is also smarter than the 5th grader.

  • Not news. They can be commissioners. Generals in the army. Even become president of the federal republic of Nigeria.

  • QUESTION 4 No. 2
    1. Buhariosis —- unknowable disease that torments a person
    2. Obasantonsis ……leaking mouth opening
    3. Laimohamesis …. uncontrollable mouth-opening
    4. Garbatonosis…… unintelligible barbering

    • Lol! You are really funny! Good humor anyway!

  • UNA NEVER SEE SOMETHING. How will the teachers pass the primary 4 exams when someone in the south need to score more than 200 to get admitted in school while his counterpart in the north just need to score only 20 to be equally admitted. ONLY IN NIGERIA. Is Kaduna state not even ashamed to test teachers with primary 4 exams. One wonders what exactly they teach the students. If you like test the teachers with nursery school exams, they will still fail because in the computer world we call it GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.

    • What happened in Edo state is worse than Kaduna’s. Edo is not in north.Is it?

      • Boy, that was over 70% of Kaduna state teachers that failed that simple test.

    • permit me to say u are crazy.if we av people like u at d helms of affairs in any govt agencies, den na sorry b our name.

      • Yes, because someone like me at helm of affairs will never allow indiscriminate admissions that produces empty heads like you and those Kaduna teachers.

  • The same test should be given Buhari and members of National Assembly and let’s see how they will fare. Please make sure Dino Melaye does not rig.

  • Guys if this test was done for all teachers across the country majority of them would still fail, it’s not a problem peculiar to kaduna state alone it affects the whole country, other governors should follow the path of kaduna state and organise competency tests for all their teachers.

    • El-rufai and his commissioners should take the same test and make public the result.

      • A different one may be, they have already seen the answer to this one.

      • Guy I might not be an el rufai fan but trust me I know he is an educated man.

      • I tell you the truth, Elrufai can correctly answer some of those questions but, the issue here is that as a teacher, you should be able to a large extent make prove of yourself.

    • U that’s is talking, can you answer it? It’s not primary four questions. He has intentionally motive. Period.

      • permit me to say u are a big fool….jus look at how u are thinking?

        • Seriously…theatre boy is something else

      • If I was a primary school teacher I should be able to ans it

        • Please ignore that boy. He is a kid.

      • So you mean a school teacher should not be able to answer these questions?
        Hummm…. This country is something else.

  • Vestiges of colonialism!
    Why is the name of Donald Trump important?
    Many whites believe Africa is a country.
    How can they know the name of Buhari?
    I do not know the name of Botswana’s president.

  • Well, the questions comprised current affairs as they failed the scientific questions they have should’nt agree to failed the entire current affairs


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